ASTAB ENGINEERING SRL has more than 30 years of experience in Aeronautical Development
and Certification Projects, both Civil & Military.

Airbus A380 project

  • Design and Calculations for Thrust Reverse mechanism and Nacelles
  • Design and Calculations for Belly Fairing loft & concept, Systems
  • Decompression area

Airbus A350 project

  • Design and Calculations for forward and rear composite Fuselage
  • Detail Design for primary and secondary structure
  • Stress Calculations Justification F&DT

Embraer ERJ170 & Dornier 728 project

  • Design for Mechanical systems in the new engine configuration

Boeing B787 project

  • Design and Stress Calculations for Engine Fan Cowl and rear Elevator Flap

Bombardier C-Series 100 and 300 projects

  • Design for central Fuselage, rear barrel machined and sheet metal parts

Eurofighter projects

  • Wing Pylon Design, Interfaces definition and Stress justification

M346 Alenia Aermacchi project

  • Design for Center Fuselage in composite and wings interfaces
  • Front Fuselage, structure concept development & Systems lay out & integration
  • Flight controls, more than 50 different Systems

MB339 Alenia Aermacchi project

  • Design for new cockpit configuration on MLU project and Frecce Tricolori