ASTAB Engineering is a new player in Engineering filed, nevertheless is able to provide Engineering capabilities for Space Optical Instruments and Vehicles.

ASTAB members, cooperating with Major European players in Space Business, have been main actors in Instruments Design, starting from engineering architectural studies up to manufacturing documentation delivery, experiencing the full mechanical engineering flow.

ASTAB members built up experiences in the Optical Instrument and Structures Space business in the following projects:

  • COLUMBUS Sub-Assemblies reinforcement panels,
  • ISS modified the Alcove decks,
  • Earth Care mission Cable Routing and Secondary Structure S/C
  • Sentinel 3 the Cryogenic temperature device support Structure
  • Bepi Colombo three launcher modules Structure Layout
  • FORUM Far-infrared Outgoing Radiation Understanding and Monitoring: Phase B1 study
  • FLEX (FLuorescence EXplorer) Focal Plane Assembly
  • PLATO (PLAnetary Transit and Oscillation of star) Mission & Cameras
  • CHIME Proposal Architecture
  • MTG Assembly Drawings and MGSEs for IRS and FCI Instruments
  • MGSEs for several missions, many of the above
  • Deployer for CubeSat

ASTAB is an Engineering company with bread boarding capabilities, which are also available on demand, to fully demonstrate achievement of the challenging design requirements related to the Space business.