Milan, 12/03/2021, with the acquisition of an equity interest, PRSE officially joins
ASTAB Engineering’s shareholding. The companies, which had already established a
partnership, now undertake a stable cooperation in order to foster their mutual growth and
strengthen their position in the highly competitive aerospace, automotive and mechanical industry, with a deep focus on technical innovation.
PRSE, a company founded in 2011 as an engineering company, has evolved over the years by developing its own sectors of belonging in the field of automation and technology related to processes. Today, based in the new Ghisalba headquarters in Bergamo, it develops and builds customized systems in the field of robotic welding and painting, paying particular attention to research and development of new application technologies aimed at improving production processes and the implementation of systems “Industry 4.0” with the aim of applying the development of artificial intelligence and business intelligence in the coming years. In the last four years, PRSE has invested in a research and development department in which innovative products are made in completely different and transversal areas, such as animal husbandry, agricultural machinery, and green energy systems.
The company’s strengths lie in its in-house capabilities with a major materials laboratory and
state-of-the-art facilities for the production and assembly of Metallic Parts focused also in the Lamination and Jig Assembly Toolings.
Thanks to a continuous investment program focused on human resources, the company counts on highly qualified personnel able to accompany customers in the development of projects and provide customized solutions to the high level of clients.
ASTAB ENGINEERING S.R.L. is an engineering company based in Milan. Although recently
established, ASTAB (acronym for Aeronautical, Space, Train, automotive and Boat) was
founded by partners with over 30 years of experience in the aeronautical (both civil and military) and aerospace sectors.
ASTAB Engineering is able to work in all areas of projects, (design, structural analysis, fatigue and damage tolerance, cfd analysis, mechanical systems, etc). Also in ASTAB, what makes the difference, is the deep know-how of the staff, which has the skills to design and manage complex projects and is able to use the experience to find new and cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of individual customers.
This operation consolidates an important synergy between the two companies, both founded on common values such as passion, commitment, and quality: PRSE technological skills in the
world of metallic parts, large industrial machinery and precision welding systems combined with ASTAB’s know-how in the engineering sector. Innovation and performance maximization are the recipe to compete and become even more relevant in the international scene.
“We are very happy to strengthen the relationship between the two companies, working to provide customers with the entire supply chain from engineering to product delivery,” says Mauro Banfi, CEO of ASTAB Engineering. Renato Ghitti, CEO of PRSE is fully aligned: “our participation in ASTAB Engineering allows us to further strengthen the partnership already in place, providing our customers with an integrated solution, based on product quality and innovation and expanding their opportunities thanks to the collaboration with the other companies participating in ASTAB such as Plyform Composite “.

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